Daily Life - Christmas Traditions (C0336)

A:  What are you doing awake?
B:  I can't sleep...
A:  But it's almost midnight!
B:  Exactly. I'm too excited for Christmas morning. Also, I thought I heard Santa.
A:  Really? How do you know it was Santa?
B:  Well I heard that naughty boys and girls get coal in their stockings, so I thought I'd be nice and make Santa cookies. I even left out some milk. I heard someone in the kitchen eating the cookies, so I came downstairs!
A:  Hmm... well I know that Santa won't come down the chimney with you hiding behind the tree, spying on him!
B:  Really?
A:  Really! Let's go back upstairs and get back to bed. That way, we can let Santa do his job. Then when you wake up, it will be Christmas already!
B:  O-K...
A:  Hey, honey! Is that you? Don't eat all the cookies - I want some, too!

Key Vocabulary

midnighttwelve AM
christmasthe annual festival of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus
santaa figure of Christmas who brings presents to kids
naughtydisobedient; mischievous
coala black or dark-brown mineral
stockinglarge sock; traditionally Christmas gifts are put in
cookiea sweet baked food
chimneya usually vertical structure that allows the passage of smoke
spyingto observe secretively

Supplementary Vocabulary

elfa creature with magical powers, often mischievous
reindeera type of large deer
angela spiritual being said to be from heaven
snowice crystals which fall from the sky
sleda small vehicle consisting of a platform mounted on runners for use in traveling over snow or ice.

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