Daily Life - Having Leftovers (C0338)

A:  What’s for dinner?
B:  Leftovers.
A:  What? Leftovers of what and from when?
B:  From last night! I took the left over turkey, mixed it with some diced peppers and onions, added a little bit of mayonnaise and made some sandwiches!
A:  Isn’t that dangerous though? I mean bacteria and germs reproducing on food that was left out or reheated?
B:  Well, I didn’t leave the turkey out at room temperature for more than a an hour and I refrigerated it soon after we finished eating. Also, when reheating, I put it inthe oven for fifteen minutes at one hundred degrees Celsius.
A:  Well ok, I am just afraid of getting food poisoning.
B:  Don’t worry about it! Making a new meal out of leftovers is almost an art! Not only do you save money, but you also get to be creative and have something different to eat!

Key Vocabulary

leftoversfood remaining uneaten at the end of a meal
turkeya large American bird similar to the chicken
mixof different kinds combined
diceto cut into small cubes
bacteriasmall organisims
germa microorganism
reheatto make hot or warm again
refrigerateto make or keep cold
food poisoningbecoming sick because of bacteria in food

Supplementary Vocabulary

sanitaryof or pertaining to health or the conditions affecting health
microwaveto cook, defrost, or otherwise prepare in a microwave oven
soapa substance used for washing and cleansing purposes
contaminateto make impure or unsuitable by contact or mixture with something unclean, bad

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