Global View - Parent Teacher Conference  (C0339)

A:  Thank you for coming tonight Mrs. Webber. As a teacher, it’s great seeing the kid’s parents assist our parent-teacher conference night.
B:  Of course! I am very interested to know how my child is doing and also get some insight from you as to how he can improve.
A:  Well Allen is a great student. He is a hard worker and very well behaved, however he does struggle a bit with math.
B:  I guess he gets that from me, I never did well in math when I was a kid. What can I do at home to compliment what he is learning in the classroom.
A:  Well, it’s important that you sit with him and review his homework assignments and help him with math. I would also recommend he stay after school twice a week for tutoring sessions. It will really help a lot.
B:  Thanks a lot! I will definitely do that. Is there anything else?
A:  Um.. yes. Here is a notice from our financial department, seems your child’s tution is overdue.
B:  Oh yes, I....

Key Vocabulary

teachera person who teaches or instructs
conferencea formal meeting where many people talk about ideas
insightan instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing
struggletry very hard to do something that is difficult
complimentan expression of praise
tutora person employed to instruct another in some branch or branches of learning, esp. a private instructor.
tutionthe charge or fee for instruction
overduepast due

Supplementary Vocabulary

repeatto go through or undergo again
excelto surpass others or be superior in some respect or area
bullya person who intimidates smaller or weaker people.
feea sum paid or charged for a privilege

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