Daily Life - Baking A Cake (C0341)

A:  Ok, so are you ready to learn how to bake a cake?
B:  Almost, let me just put my apron on.
A:  Ok, so the first thing we are going to do is preheat the oven, that way we have it at the desired temperature once we finish preparing everything. Set it to three hundred and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit.
B:  Got it.
A:  No we are gonna make the batter. Take some butter and sugar and mix it lightly until you have a nice consistency. Then add some vanilla extract and eggs and continue mixing.
B:  Do I have to use a whisk or can I use the electric mixer?
A:  Go ahead and use the mixer, but put it on medium speed. I’m gonna sift the flour and baking powder separately and then we can mix it with milk and the rest of the ingredients.
B:  Ok, so now we need a baking pan right?
A:  Yeah, but grease and flour it first so the cake won’t stick to it when it bakes.
B:  Done. So how long do we bake it for?
A:  We can leave it in there for about twenty five minutes. Then we let it cool for ten minutes before we remove the cake from the pan.
B:  Wow! This was a lot easier than I thought!

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