Daily Life - Seafood Dinner (C0343)

A:  This is such a nice restaurant! I feel so classy!
B:  Yeah, it’s a little bit pricey, but they serve the best seafood in town.
C:  May I Take your order?
B:  Yes, I would like some marinated grilled shrimp for starters and I’ll also have the lobster.
C:  Excellent choice sir. And for you madame?
B:  I would like the baked oysters and the seafood platter.
C:  Very good madame.
B:  That seafood platter sounds good. Excuse me, what does the platter have?
C:  It’s a great combination of clams, scallops, squid mussels, calamari and fillets of salmon and tuna. It comes with a side of butter sauce and french fries.
B:  That sounds great! Cancel the lobster and give me one of the same please.
C:  Very well sir. Anything to drink?
A:  Can we get a bottle of your house white wine please?
C:  Superb choice. I will be back shortly with the wine.

Key Vocabulary

classhigh class
marinatedTo leave something to be soaked in a sauce for its flavour
starteras the first step or part
plattera course of a meal, usually consisting of a variety of foods served on the same plate.
clamsEdible sea creature that buries it self in the sand.
scallopsEdible sea creature similar to oysters that move in the water by opening and closing their shell.
squida sea creature having a having a torpedo-shaped body
musselsEdible sea creature that attaches it to something such as a rock
calamaricooked squid cut into rings.

Supplementary Vocabulary

eela creature with a long snakelike body, a smooth slimy skin
sushicold boiled rice moistened with rice vinegar, usually shaped into bite-size pieces and topped with raw seafood
dodgysomething not good
crabA hard shelled sea creature

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