Global View - Booking A Hotel Room (C0344)

A:  Madison Suites, how may I help you?
B:  Yes, I'm calling from Mexico. I will be in town next week and would like to know if you have availability.
B:  OK ma’am, can you tell me the date you expect to check in?
A:  Yes, July ninth. I will be there for seven nights.
B:  We have a junior single suite or a superior double suite available for those dates.
A:  What’s the difference?
B:  The junior suite is smaller and has one twin bed, while the superior suite has a double bed and mini-bar.
A:  OK, I would like to reserve the superior suite. Is breakfast included?
B:  Yes, a buffet breakfast is served every morning. I will need your name and your credit card details in order to complete the reservation.
A:  Sure, my credit card number is...

Key Vocabulary

buffeta meal laid out on a table or sideboard so that guests may serve themselves
reservationan arrangement to secure accommodations at a restaurant or hotel
availablitythe quality of being at hand when needed
check inconfirm details at at front desk
superiorbetter than others
suitea connected series of rooms to be used together
reserveto keep back or save for future use

Supplementary Vocabulary

room serviceFood and beverages served to a guest in his or her hotel room.
conciergesome one who handles luggage and mail, makes reservations, and arranges tours
maidA woman servant employed in cleaning.
chauffeurTo serve as a driver for another person

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