Daily Life - Working Out (C0345)

A:  Do you want to go catch a movie tonight?
B:  I can’t, I have to go tothe gym.
A:  Come on! You can go tomorrow, just skip it today. It’s not as if you are gonna get in trouble!
B:  Actually I will! I am working out with a personal trainer that gets on my case if I don’t go. I like it, because it makes me feel more obligated to go and get healthy.
A:  That’s cool, does your personal trainer basically teach you how to work out?
B:  Yeah. He makes a work put plan depending onthe areas I want to work on, orthe muscles I want to build. Like for example in order to get better muscle tone in my abs, pecs and biceps, he makes me work out with free weights. Then for my quads, calves and hamstrings, I do leg lifts or squats.
A:  Sounds like you are really getting in shape!

Key Vocabulary

gyma place where you go to exercise
personal trainerprofessional who educates people about physical fitness.
obligatedo something because you feel it is the right thing to do
to work outto find a solution or create a plan by thinking
muscletissue composed of fibers capable of contracting to effect bodily movement
muscle tonestrength or firmness of muscles and skin
abdominalsmuscles of the front area of the stomach
pectoralthe chest or breast area
bicepa large muscle at the front of the upper arm
hamstringAny of the tendons at the rear of the human knee
squatA lift or a weightlifting exercise in which one squats and stands while holding a weighted barbell supported by the back of the shoulders

Supplementary Vocabulary

steroidscompounds that help to grow muscles at a fast rate and help in recovery.
deadliftA lift in which one pulls a bar from the ground to the waist.
bodybuildera person who practices bodybuilding.
locker roomoom containing lockers, as in a gymnasium, factory, or school, for changing clothes and for the storage and safekeeping of personal belongings.

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