The Weekend - Talking About Skincare (C0348)

A:  You want to go get a facial with me today?
B:  Dude, what are you talking about? Only girls do that.
A:  Not at all, guys also get facials, manicures and pedicures. There is nothing wrong with looking after your skin and looking good.
B:  True. So what do they do to you at your beauty spa?
A:  Well, first they exfoliate my face, getting rid of all the dead skin. Then I get a face mask with nutrients that keep my skin healthy and young. Afterwards, they apply some moisturizer and you leave feeling like a million bucks.
B:  That doesn’t really sound like something I would be interested in. In any case, I just wash my face every night and use sunscreen during the day.
A:  Well you should come with me one day, I’m sure you’ll love it.
B:  Uh... no.

Key Vocabulary

faciala treatment to beautify the face.
manicurea cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails, including trimming and polishing of the nails.
pedicureprofessional care and treatment of the feet
spaa luxurious resort or resort hotel.
exfoliateto remove the surface of. such as skin and dirt
sunscreena substance formulated to prevent sunburn, skin cancers, and other conditions caused by excessive exposure to the sun

Supplementary Vocabulary

massagethe act or art of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, patting
tranquilfree from commotion or tumult; peaceful; quiet
sunburninflammation of the skin caused by overexposure to the sun or a sunlamp.
tanA brown color on the skin caused by the rays of the sun

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