Global View - Homeschooling (C0354)

A:  I think we should home school our children when we decide to have kids.
B:  What? Why?
A:  Well, our public schools here are not very good and private school are just too expensive. I have been reading up on home schooling and it has a lot of advantages.
B:  Like what? I think that by doing something like that we would be isolating our children from social interaction.
A:  Well, first of all, I would be able to teach them everything they learn in school in a more relaxed and fun way. I also think that having a one-on-one class is much better since you can focus more on his or her strengths or weaknesses.
B:  I think neither your parents or mine would agree to such an idea.
A:  I will bring it up over Sunday brunch.
B:  Good luck with that!

Key Vocabulary

home schoolto educate kids at home by a parent or tutor
first of allfirstly
read upto do research or instruct yourself on a topic
isolateto set apart from others; place alone
social interactionmeeting, talking, doing activities with people
one-on-onea meeting or class between two people
strengthsa quality that makes someone effective or useful
weaknessthe quality or state of being weak
bring something upto mention or open for discussion

Supplementary Vocabulary

GEDgeneral education diploma which is the equivalent of a high school diploma
SATScholastic Aptitude Test is a test which is taken throughout the US as an admission test to US colleges
tutora person employed in the education of others, either individually or in groups.
recessa short period of free time between school classes.
quiza short quick test

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