Daily Life - Lending Money (C0355)

A:  Can I borrow five bucks?
B:  No!
A:  Come on! I’ll pay you back on Tuesday.
B:  Last time I lent you money, you never paid me back.
A:  I promise if you lend me five dollars today, I will repay you in full next week.
B:  Ok, but I’m taking your skateboard as collateral.
A:  Fine! I can’t believe you don’t trust me.
B:  It’s nothing personal, just business.

Key Vocabulary

borrowto take or have something temporarily
bucksdollar (slang )
lendto give something to someone temporarily
repaypay back
trustconfident expectation of something; hope.
collateralsecurity pledged for the payment of a loan

Supplementary Vocabulary

barterthe act of exchanging goods for other goods
moocha person that is always asking to borrow money or food
loanSomething lent for temporary use
interesta percentage added to a loan as a fee for lending money
past duethe status of a scheduled loan payment that has not been paid on time.

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