Daily Life - Coins and Money (C0356)

A:  Help me organize these coins.
B:  That’s a lot of money! What did you do? Break the piggy bank?
A:  Yeah, I’m gonna go to the bank and change it for bills, but first I have to separate them into little piles.
B:  Ok, I'll find all the quarters and dimes while you sort the nickels and pennies.
A:  Great, then we can add everything up and take it to the bank.
B:  I found some coins that are not from here.
A:  Oh yeah, those are from my trip to London. I have a couple of different pence, but in all it won't add up to one pound.
B:  Are you sure the bank will change these coins for you?
A:  Hopefully!

Key Vocabulary

coina small round piece of money usually made from met
piggy banka small container used to store coins
billform of money that is made from paper
quartera coin worth one fourth of a dollar
dimea coin worth one tenth of a dollar
nickela coin worth one twentieth of a dollar
pennya coin that is worth one cent or one one hundredth

Supplementary Vocabulary

MintTo make or fabricate coins
TreasuryA place in which private or public funds are kept
SafeA large metallic vault used to store money safely
BlingSlang term used for money, gold and jewelery
Money PressMachine that prints and produces bills

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