Daily Life - Text Me (C0358)

A:  Why didn’t you text me last night?
B:  What? I sent you three or four messages!
A:  I didn’t get any of them. I was waiting for you to text me the address of where the party was and I never got your message.
B:  Why didn’t you just call? I hate sending SMS messages.
A:  Well, because I didn’t have any credit on my phone. I used it all up this month.
B:  I thought you had an unlimited SMS plan?
A:  I do, but if I don’t have any credit in my phone, it won’t let me call or send messages.
B:  No wonder you didn’t get my texts!

Key Vocabulary

textact of sending a text message via a mobile phone
SMSabbreviation for Short Message Service
creditamount of money that you have available to make ca
use it upto completely finish or extinguish something
unlimitedwithout limits or restrictions
no wondernot surprisingly

Supplementary Vocabulary

voicemailA service that allows you to leave a recorded message
calling cardA prepaid card that allows you to make international phone calls
pay as you goCredit purchased in advance in order to make phone calls on a mobile phone
coverageThe area that the mobile phone operator covers or allows for making phone calls
drop a callTo lose connection of a call

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