Global View - Urban Legends  (C0360)

A:  Have you read all these crazy things that are going on around the world?
B:  What do you mean?
A:  I was reading about how some people get tricked or drugged in their hotel rooms and have their organs removed! Then they are sold onthe black market.
B:  Don’t tell me you actually believe all that? Don’t beso gullible, they are just urban legends. They are just stories people make up to scare you.
A:  Well, I was also reading about how some popular songs have subliminal or even satanic messages if you play them backwards! Can you believe that?
B:  You really think an artist or songwriter is going to go through the trouble of putting subliminal or satanic messages in a song? Don’t beso naive!
A:  Well maybe you are right, but how about the story of how KFC has rows of headless chickens which are super grown in order to get bigger chickens faster!
B:  Sounds a bit too far fetched to be true don’t you think?

Key Vocabulary

black marketany system in which goods are sold and bought ille
gullibleeasily believing something that is not true
urban legendstories that are exaggerated or not true
make upinvent
subliminalsomething that persuades in a sub conscious way
satanicrelating to Satan or the devil
naivehaving or showing a lack of experience, judgment,
far fetchedimprobable; not naturally pertinent

Supplementary Vocabulary

Mythan untrue story
boogie mana fictional being that scares children
cynicala person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions
groundedquality of not letting emotions or impulses get the best of you
realista person who tends to view or represent things as they really are.

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