Daily Life - Fast Food (C0361)

A:  I’m hungry, let’s order up something to eat.
B:  Ok, maybe we can order a soup and a salad from the restaurant down the street.
A:  I was thinking of getting a hamburger, fries and a chocolate sundae.
B:  You eat too much junk food. That sort of stuff clogs up your arteries and is very high in cholesterol.
A:  Well I never seem to gain weight so I don’t mind.
B:  It’s not only about getting fat or not, it’s about being healthy. You could really have some health problems later on.
A:  How about pizza or maybe some fried chicken! Better yet, let’s order some hot dogs!
B:  You are a lost cause.

Key Vocabulary

saladmixed vegetables served cold
french friesdeep fired strips of potato
hamburgera type of sandwich with a beef patty
junk foodfood that is not healthy
clogto block or get in the way of something
cholesterola fatty substance found in animal tissue
how aboutwhat do you think
pizzabread with tomato sauce and cheese on top
fried chickenchicken pieces cooked in hot oil
hot doga food with bread and a sausage in the middle
lost causea useless or hopeless situation

Supplementary Vocabulary

tofuA protein-rich food coagulated from an extract of soybeans and used in salads and various cooked foods.
MSGa flavor enhancer used in food
greasyHaving a lot of grease or oil
Take outTaking food away or having it delivered,
doggy baga bag or box used to take left over food home from a restaurant

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