Daily Life - What Mood Are You In? (C0362)

A:  Are you ok? You seem a bit anxious.
B:  Yeah I’m OK, I have been having a lot of mood swings lately. I think it has to do with the pills my doctor prescribed that are causing chaos on my hormones.
A:  So you mean you feel ecstatic one minute and then blue the next?
B:  Yeah, it’s weird. For example just this morning I was feeling detached and lonely, even though there was really no reason to feel that way.
A:  Well, maybe your mood will swing positively and you will feel confident, brave and hopeful!
B:  I hope you are right.

Key Vocabulary

anxiousworried or nervous of what may happen
mood swingrapid or successive change of your mood
ecstaticfeeling very excited or happy
bluefeeling sad, depressed
detachedfeeling of showing lack of emotional involvement
lonelysad from being apart from other people
confidentassurance: freedom from doubt
braveNot feeling any fear

Supplementary Vocabulary

maniac depressivesuffering from a disorder characterized by alternating mania and depression
anxietyAn abnormal sense of fear, nervousness, and apprehension
self esteemPersonal feelings or opinions of oneself
emotionaldetermined or actuated by emotion rather than reason
overwhelmingoverpowering in effect or force

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