Daily Life - Household Chores (C0365)

A:  Kevin, what is this mess? It looks like a pigsty in here! Clean this up!
B:  Ok dad, I will do it in a minute, let me just finish this level of this game.
A:  No, I said now! Plus, you are grounded, you’re not allowed to play video games. I wantyou to make your bed, dothe laundry and then come downstairs and sweep the floors.
B:  That’s so unfair!
A:  You have to pull your weight around here young man. My house, my rules.
B:  But I already mopped the floors, dusted the furniture and vacuumed the rugs!
A:  That’s great, but you still have work to do, so get to it.

Key Vocabulary

groundedto be punished and not allowed to go outside
sweepto clean the floor with a broom or brush
pull your weightto help or collaborate in the household
dustto remove dust and dirt
mopto clean the floor with water and a mop
vacuumto use an electric device to suction dust and dirt

Supplementary Vocabulary

waxto put a greasy substance on a surface to make it shiny
polishTo make smooth and shiny by rubbing or chemical action.
take out the trashaction of taking the trash outside to be collected
do the dishesto wash the dishes
ironaction of using a hot flat surface to remove wrinkles from clothes

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